Visitor Safety

At Brodieshill, we aim to create a natural play area where children can explore and play using their imagination and sensory skills.

While we adopt a predominantly Child Led environment, planned activities are available too as no group of children are the same.

There is the option to meet and feed, possibly pet, some of our animals with Brodieshill supervision. We have put in place Treasure Hunts and Craft Tables and not forgetting parents/carers, there is the option to help yourself to a hot drink and relax and take in our lovely views.

Take extra care

  • Pregnant women must take care not to have contact with goats and all farm animals as it can cause added risk to pregnancy.
  • No food or drink is to be consumed in animal contact areas and muddy areas.
  • Parents and supervising adults are responsible for correct hand-washing within their party.
  • Do not kiss the animals, and discourage your children from putting their fingers in their mouths after touching animals.
  • Follow the advice on signs placed around the site

Our promise to you

This area is modelled on our own childhood memories and what our children enjoy about being on the farm.

We take reasonable measures to reduce potential Zoonotic risks found in soil (picking up faeces within animal pens to reduce potential faecal contamination, Welly Wash) and contact with animals (working in relation to our Farm Health Status, supervising activities and providing hand washing facilities) but we cannot reasonably eliminate all risks within our environment.

While we encourage children to explore, and get dirty as they do so, we provide handwashing facilities and ‘clean’ areas to reduce the risks associated with natural play (mud contamination) and contact with animals.

Correct handwashing is important to reduce potential risks not only to your family, but you could also potentially contaminate areas for others.

Wipes and alcohol gel are no substitute for warm soapy water, please supervise your children washing their hands after petting/feeding the animals/playing outdoors, before eating/crafting/leaving our premises.

Care must be taken during Wet/Frosty weather in that slipping maybe a hazard. We will advise if any area is unsuitable for play, put sand/grit down and if necessary, you will be contacted and the session will be cancelled.

Access to mud, animals and environmental contamination (all the things children love) can expose us to potential harmful organisms/Zoonosis. While we take reasonable and practical steps to reduce these risks, we cannot create an environment that is completely risk-free. Correct hand washing with warm soapy water is essential to reduce/eliminate risks. Further information can be found in the Farm Safety leaflet linked below

It’s okay to get dirty, just wash those hands! Thank you for being responsible.